Connecting is something we hear and talk about regularly in this world of technology and progress. Whether it’s the loss of connection because of distance or a new connection because of improved lines of communication, the importance of connection is clear.

Connection can take on a whole new meaning for athletic performance. When honing a skill, it’s important to be aware of the body’s physical connections that create superior performance rather than average play.

Here are a few ways how connections can lead to improved performance:

The Shoulder and Hip

One example of a connection worth noting is between the shoulders and the hips. Swinging a tennis racquet for the perfect shot requires much more than powerful arms and good aim. Suppose your focus is on driving the shot with just your arms. In this case, you will be disappointed with the resulting velocity and become an easy target for your opponent. Understanding that the arms are actually the last link in a connected chain reveals the strength of the legs and mobility of the hips. A great tennis stroke is full-body, not an isolated movement. If you can visualize these connections during each moment of play, you will have access to power that those with less awareness will not.

The Mind and Body

You hear about this connection all the time, but very few people dig into what this actually means. When an athlete underperforms, it may be because of an injury or a physical limitation. But most of the time, it’s a matter of letting the connection relax between the mind and body. High performance is based on the skill of envisioning and executing the precise movement needed to win the point or the match. Without the strong connection between mind and body, there is an element of chance that is introduced. Leaving things up to chance is not a part of high performance. It can be the tipping point in a hard-fought match. Still, only a strong mental and physical connection allows for the odds to favor the eventual victor. The mind and body exist in tandem, so leaving one piece of the puzzle out of the equation is almost surely the path to defeat.

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