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COVID-19 Policy

Updated 1/3/2022
CPAC has recently updated some policies related to COVID-19, following the guidelines amended by the CDC. Specifically:
  • The minimum required quarantine period for someone who either tests positive for COVID or exhibits COVID-like symptoms is now 5 days.
  • CPAC asks ALL members & visitors to practice “strict mask use.” Masks are required in all public areas where social distancing is not possible.
  • Please stay home if you are sick or experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.
With regard to billing:
  • Absences from CPAC Programs due to the above quarantine period should be reported to the Program Director, who will work with you to find a suitable make-up class.
  • Our policy of no refunds still has the following exceptions: in the case of extended illness or injury (accompanied by a doctor’s note) we will work with the individual to provide the appropriate credit or refund.

Thanks for your help in keeping CPAC a safe place for people of all ages and of all health statuses. While this is not where we hoped we’d be at this point, it’s a small inconvenience toward the greater good of our community health. For now, please keep your mask up at CPAC when around others.

To Your Health,

CPAC Leadership Team