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COVID-19 Policy

Last updated: 8/3/21

The CDC now recommends that ALL people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks indoors in regions with high transmission rates. Lake County, IL falls into this category.

As of 8/3/21, we are asking that ALL staff & members wear masks in common areas where airspace is shared. Players are free to remove masks while actively engaged in a drill on the tennis court or in the gym where 6 feet of distance can be maintained.

This update represents no change in the recommendation to kids or unvaccinated individuals. It does, however, ask that vaccinated adults also wear masks indoors, based on new findings regarding the Delta variant’s ability to spread among vaccinated people.

Thanks for your help in keeping CPAC a safe place for people of all ages and of all health statuses. While this is not where we hoped we’d be at this point, it’s a small inconvenience toward the greater good of our community health. For now, please keep your mask up at CPAC when around others.

To Your Health,

CPAC Leadership Team