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The CPAC Process


What sets CPAC apart is our process.

Our tennis staff is composed of highly ranked WTA and ATP professionals.  We have Division l national champions. State champions at the high school level.  Our coaches represent over a dozen different countries.  

Our strength and conditioning staff has worked with tennis players of all levels, Stanley Cup Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, MLB All Stars, and elite military and government agencies.  They have extensive experience elevating and maintaining performance and resilience to athletes and weekend warriors alike. 

Together we combine our knowledge and experience to provide an unparalleled training experience that will best prepare you for any level of sport or life activity.  We hold our athletes to the highest standards of discipline, effort, and dedication that we know produce results.  It’s our process, and every little detail serves a purpose.  

You have goals. We can get you there.

In our Junior Tennis Program, each level has its own set of goals and expectations. Athletic development is cumulative, so a strong foundation of fundamentals and strength is key to success. In order to advance in our programming, students must master a core set of fundamental skills, showing the foundational proficiency necessary to build upon.

Here’s the secret sauce to the CPAC Process: there are no shortcuts. There are certainly things that are less important than others, but fundamentals cannot be skipped. Some clubs may be willing to advance students with a winning record despite poor technique and improper grips. It’s tempting, but you do so at your own peril. 

CPAC has a longer time horizon than most. Your child might advance through the ranks faster at another club. If immediate success is your highest priority, we’re probably not the right club for you. We won’t sacrifice long term success for short term wins. In tennis as in life: short cuts always catch up with us. 

At CPAC we know that we’re developing leaders. Some of our students will go on to professional tennis careers. Most will go on to leadership in other professions. Allowing short cuts incentivizes undisciplined behavior and entrenches bad habits. It benefits no one. Not your student, and not those they will one day go on to influence and lead.

We have a Process. Each step matters. Because we’re optimized for long term success. 


Parents, Teachers, and Coaches. Young people will form a sense of self-worth, for better or worse, based on the input from these groups of adults. The parental role is central. Ideally, teachers and coaches can play a supporting role in a young person’s formation, but that is not to underestimate the tremendous potential influence of these roles. Parental love and support is expected. It’s our job to love our kids. At some point, though, our kids will reach out for the affirmation and encouragement of other respected adults. How many influential people can point back to the influence of a particular teacher or coach in their youth? Someone who saw and named the greatness within them. Someone who encouraged them to reach higher and nurture their dreams. Someone who expected more of them and, in turn, raised the expectations and capacity of that young person. 

The stories are endless. That coach who believed in me. That coach who pulled me aside and told me what she saw in me. That coach who wouldn’t let me give less than my best. 

These are the stories of today’s leaders; people who go on to influence others. The kids we coach at CPAC are tomorrow’s leaders. They will go on to be leaders in law, medicine, education, business, government, technology, and sport. They will lead, coach, and influence others along the way. The potential ripple effect of an influential coach is staggering in its reach, and represents a long unbroken line of adults who cared. 

Coaches have a magic wand, a super power of tremendous potential. For the sake of your kids, and those they will go on to influence, we owe it to the world to teach coaches to wield that power to the greatest extent possible.

That is why we Develop Coaches.