Group fitness can be motivating and fun. Having others share the experience of a tough workout is a great way to scratch your fitness itch while enjoying the company of others. But for those seeking to increase performance or make noticeable gains in fitness in a shorter time frame, private training is the next step to achieving your goals.

Here are three reasons private training is for you:

1. Full Attention

A group setting is great for an accessible, general fitness routine. If you’re ready for a new challenge, then private training could be an excellent fit for you. When the focus of a workout is on you specifically, there are no limitations on progress except your own. This attention is not only great for keeping strict form and staying on track, it’s also the best way to get immediate feedback from a coach.

2. Quick Response

As mentioned above, getting immediate feedback during your workouts can be the difference between maximum progress and slow gains. It’s easy to lose your form or ignore technique when the body starts to fatigue. Having someone knowledgeable and observant right there to keep you honest in your movement and intensity creates accountability you might not adhere to on your own. A quick response leads to quicker progress.

3. Solo Sessions

One-on-one training means that every movement and instruction is for you alone. You’re the one and only focus during training, so there are no distractions or restrictions. This is the defining feature of private training. It’s about your needs and goals and finding the most efficient route to meeting them. Group fitness is great for friendship and fun while putting in the work. But if you really want to make progress and achieve your goals, you will benefit from the personal attention and guidance of some solo training sessions.

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