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About CPAC


College Park has been in the business of developing junior tennis players for over 40 years. Today, we have over 1,000 registered players in our programs with goals of succeeding at the high school level and beyond. Since our inception as a tennis club, we’ve added fitness, martial arts, yoga, and more to our programming. As athletic science develops, strength & conditioning has become an increasingly central part of our process for all disciplines in order to build strong, resilient athletes.

We focus on developing the whole athlete in a positive atmosphere that values hard work and effort both on and off the court. As a dynamic community, we will continue to adapt in order to constantly improve. Our foundation remains the same: to provide experiences that change lives.


“To be a community that cares for our clients, keeps the highest levels of integrity, and conducts ourselves with professionalism while excelling in the development of the whole athlete.”


Lots of clubs have good coaches. If you want a single expert to guide your athletic development, the North Shore area is full of star coaches. In fact, you may even get a handful of coaches fighting to get your business – often from the same club! 

At CPAC you’ll find a team of coaches that share clients. It’s not uncommon for a tennis pro to send their student to another pro to work on a specific part of their game. Why? We believe you deserve a team of experts in your corner that are working together to elevate your game. So we work hard to build trust and develop unity among our staff. If you don’t work with several coaches at CPAC, we’re selling you short.

Two words describe our team: World Class. The Team at CPAC is composed of a wide range of expert coaches from all over the planet. This diversity gives us a broad reach, with connections to universities and academies all over the world. Our roots, however, remain local, and we have the strongest representation of area high school coaches on our staff. Whatever your goals, our team knows what it takes to be successful at that level. With over 20 pros and as many languages spoken, chances are good you’ll find a fit at CPAC.