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Junior Tennis


College Park has been in the business of developing junior tennis players for over 40 years. Today, we have over 1,000 registered players in our programs with goals of succeeding at the high school level and beyond.

Our strong commitment to the development of junior players starts with our beginners and continues with more competitive levels of play. The foundation of strong tennis players is built on athleticism and stroke production; these are the twin focal points of player development. As athletes advance and master these foundations, strength work and competitive strategy are emphasized. We accomplish this development through a mix of both group and private training with an interdisciplinary team of experts. This involves tennis coaching with differing expertise, strength coaching, personal training, tournament consultation, and mental coaching. At CPAC you won’t have just one coach; you’ll have a team of experts dedicated to your success. We call this the CPAC Process.

We strive to create a positive atmosphere that encourages players to not only work hard but also work together. We care about our players, both as athletes and as people and are here to support their efforts both on and off the court. Not all our players will go on to play college tennis. Equally as important are the values and work ethic learned in developing the skills and love of a life-long sport.

  • Note that players will only be able to register for programs and classes for which they are approved, based on their player rating.
  • Rating level is determined by an evaluation with one of our tennis directors.
  • Evaluations are required for all new students above beginner level.
  • Plan on 20-30 minutes for your evaluation.
  • One make-up per session is available for students who give instructors advanced notice of missed classes and must be completed prior to the end of each session.

For more information please contact Tennis Director Ben Bicknese.

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In addition to our Junior Programming, CPAC also offers several different match play programs for players of all ages and levels. On-court coaching is provided in some match play programs, as these are great ways to implement the skills learned in classes and private sessions. These are offered as a stepping stone to sanctioned tournaments. In some cases, our Match Play can also contribute to a player’s UTR (Universal Tennis Rating). This format is widely recognized by high school and college coaches and provides a great way to build a competitive resume for any level player.


CPAC hosts over 50 tournaments per year that are a combination of sanctioned USTA and verified UTR tournaments. In addition to playing host, CPAC also offers regular informational meetings and private consultations with our Tournament Director, Patty Lambropoulos, who has 25 years of experience organizing and running tournaments. For more information, please contact Patty.


Though our junior programs take a few breaks throughout the year (Winter break, Spring Break, Summer), we offer continued training for all levels. For more information contact our Camp Director, Blake Bazarnik.

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