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Strength & Conditioning


The CPAC Strength & Conditioning team is here to help you meet your sports performance, fitness and general health goals. 

Whether you’re trying to improve your play on the tennis court, the basketball court, the football or soccer field, the hockey rink, or increase your overall physical health, you’ll find a coach to help you make it happen. 

College Park S&C is staffed by certified professionals in athletic training and sports development. Our team of strength, conditioning, and sports performance staff has worked with Olympic athletes, NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB players, collegiate tennis, hockey, football, and basketball players, plus individual athletes looking for a performance edge over the competition.

Programming and workouts are individualized to meet your goals, fitness levels, and movement abilities. We never ask a client to do something because it’s the trendy new exercise, and we don’t ask anyone to do an exercise we’ve not done ourselves. Your coach will work side-by-side with you to develop a program with the proper mix of basic movement, balance, and agility, cardio endurance, and resistance/strength training to achieve your sports performance, health, and fitness goals.

College Park S&C offers options to fit your schedule and your needs. We offer private and semi-private (small group) training options for youth athletes and adults.

While CPAC members qualify for discounted prices on adult training groups and have open access to the Strength & Conditioning facility during regular hours, membership is not required for private training or small groups.

Have questions? Contact Corbin Gaines ( to find the class or training option to best fit your needs and your lifestyle.

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2024 Adult Classes at College Park Strength & Conditioning

Adult Athlete: For those comfortable in the gym, build performance for your sport or weekend daily activities. This class will challenge you with a variety of exercises including plyometrics, agility and speed training, balance, and strength training.  (If you’ve already taken our TBT class and are looking for more of a challenge, this is the class for you.) 1 hour class. Offered multiple times a week. Check schedule for class availability. Membership not required.

    • Monday-Friday: 7-8am & 9-10am
    • Saturday: 8-9am & 9-10am

If these times don’t work for you, contact Corbin Gaines ( for help finding an option that fits your schedule.

Adding Strength and Conditioning to Tennis Training

Adding off-court training is proven to enhance on-court results. As a regular part of their memberships, CPAC junior tennis players take small or large group classes with the strength and conditioning staff.  Working in tandem with the tennis coaching staff, our sports performance coaches focus on the individual needs of the athletes to reinforce their on-court efforts. These off-court classes include balance, movement and agility, plyometrics, and resistance and weight training for strength.

How off-court training improves your game:

  • Better endurance means outlasting your opponent in a long match. 
  • Better agility helps you change direction suddenly, recover quickly, and reach hard-placed shots with less strain or potential for injury. 
  • Better strength gives you more power behind every serve, return, backhand, or smash. 
  • Speed training helps you get from baseline to net, or sideline to sideline quickly, so you can return more strokes and have time to be strategic about shot placement.

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve your health or advance in your favorite sport, contact Corbin Gaines ( to discuss your options and schedule your free first visit.