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Why become a member at College Park Athletic Club? If you want to make sure you stick to your tennis skills, fitness, or health goals, studies show that people who add a financial stake to their goals increase their chance of success by more than 25%. And including a family member in your goal can make you more likely to stick with it as well. 

Our memberships are structured to fit you and your household. Adult memberships are available in one person, two person, and three person monthly packages, with prices starting at $63/month.

Contact our membership director, Mark Roberts ( with any questions.

Do you need a membership to take advantage of all CPAC programs? It depends entirely on what you want to do. 


Membership Requirement

Adult Tennis (General)

Membership recommended but not required.
Non-members subject to guest fees each visit.

Adult Tennis (CITA Teams)

If you plan to compete in men’s or women’s travel teams, CITA requires that you be a member of the club you represent in any CITA tournament.

Junior Tennis
(Quickstart and Junior Development Program)

Membership included in class prices.
If you’re new to CPAC, contact Jean Erasmus ( for a free student evaluation.

Junior Tennis
(Tournament Training, Tennis Advancement Program, Super Excellence, High Performance)

Individual membership required in addition to programs. 

Tae Kwon Do

No membership required.

Strength & Conditioning

No membership required.


No membership required.

You can play tennis at CPAC East or West without a membership. But if you plan to play tennis once a week (or more) each month, the membership cost completely offsets the per-session guest fees. Plus, membership comes with discounts and other special benefits.

Adult membership includes:

  • Discounted prices for classes and court rentals
  • Preference in signups for limited-space classes
  • Early access and discounts to new programs
  • Priority registration for private lessons
  • Use of strength and conditioning center when large group classes are not in session

Junior membership includes:

  • Automatic reregistration: Once you’re in a class, you’ll automatically be given a spot in future sessions. If you choose to withdraw, your spot will be given to the next player on the wait list.
  • Access to private lessons. (Juniors must be enrolled in a class to book private lesson time.)
  • Access to top ties high-level coaches who have all played at a high level themselves.

Start your membership today. 

Once you’re in our system, either as a member or a guest, you can reserve tennis courts or sign up for other classes (strength and conditioning and Tae Kwon Do) through the CPAC app.

For iOS phone or tablet users, download the CPAC app in the App Store.

For Android phone or tablet users, download the CPAC app from the Google Play Store.

Become a Member