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Do I need to be a CPAC member to play tennis at CPAC?

Generally, all tennis players need to be CPAC members.  We also have some limited options for non-members to take lessons at different rates.  To inquire about those options, contact CPAC Membership Director, Jason Irwin at

How do I get free junior court time privileges?

To receive Free Junior Court Time, you must be a junior player currently enrolled in CPAC junior classes.  Parents who play with or feed balls to their child only need to pay for their portion of the court fee, as well as a guest fee if the parent is not a CPAC member.  Limit one hour per booking and cancellation fees may apply.

Am I charged for a private lesson if I cancel?

If a CPAC member requests a permanent, season-long lesson time with a CPAC instructor, that member is obligated to attend and pay for that lesson for the duration of the indoor season.  If a one-time lesson is booked, a 24-hour cancellation policy will be enforced.

Do I need to be a CPAC member to work with a personal trainer?

No, personal training is available to non-members of CPAC.

What is the Buyers Club?

Join Buyers Club for $100 to receive discounts for the entire family for an entire year.  Our pro shop matches any internet prices.  Receive 20% off of regular price, and additional 20% off on sale Shoes, Accessories (not including racquets and stringing).  Also, to save you even more money, twice each year you will receive an extra Buyers Club exclusive 50% off coupon!