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Take the GUESSWORK out of athletic training! Is it cheating to be able to double the effectiveness of your training program?

No, but your rivals will HATE this. Sorry, Highland Park. This deal is for Warriors only!

To schedule your Proteus session, email CPAC Fitness Director, Corbin Gaines (
Finally there’s a way to directly measure an athlete’s power output AND uncover any potential weak points (which could lead to injury). CPAC is the first club of its kind in the world to institute the cutting edge Proteus Motion technology.
+ Measure power output for your sports vital movements (throwing, swinging, jumping, etc.)
+ Isolate measurements on each side of the body and each muscle group
+ Track movement patterns to discover any hiccups that the naked eye can’t detect
+ See acceleration and deceleration data throughout each movement
= KNOWING which “BUTTONS” to push to maximize your training
Deerfield athletes & families now have access to the CPAC Proteus Performance Assessment. This is a 3-step process that accomplishes the following over a 30 minute meeting with one of our expert coaches:
1. Assess – a 10 minute session on the Proteus machine to record performance metrics
2. Evaluate – our Fitness Director will review the data with you
3. Prescribe – based on your specific results, the Director will prescribe a course of action for you