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Don’t spend Spring Break on the couch nursing an injury! Don’t put off your health!

There’s still time to condition your body to handle whatever you throw at it on Spring Break 2022. No, you may not look 20 again. But you CAN feel great about your body. You can walk with the swagger of someone who takes care of their body.

Who is this FOR?

Reboot 22 is for active adults with a history of a healthy lifestyle who can commit to 3 morning workouts per week for 11 weeks. You understand the fundamentals of movement and that a training program is cumulative and progressive. You might be a bit deconditioned right now but are motivated to get your groove back.

Who is this NOT for?

Adults who are brand new to working out or who have never darkened the door of a gym (we have other programs for you–just ask). This is not a “couch to 5k” program. Those with severe chronic injuries or movement limitations would also be better served by an individualized workout via personal training. This is also NOT for aspiring body builders. Yes, you’ll probably rock that swimsuit with more confidence this year, but that will be a pleasant by-product of feeling strong.


  • 11 Weeks of Programming
  • Start Date: Monday, Jan 3, 2022
  • Last Date: Saturday, March 19, 2022

Class Times Available:

  • Monday through Friday: 6 AM, 7 AM, 8 AM
  • Saturday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 10 AM

*You will pick your own schedule by selecting 3 days per week in the CPAC App

Cost: $599 

*CPAC Member Discount: $499 until December 20

Please fill out the form below and one of our Training Staff will contact you.