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CPAC Dance & Yoga


CPAC Dance Co. provides quality training and performance experience for dancers of all skill levels.

Develop rhythm, coordination, and flexibility through dance technique while promoting confidence, resilience, and physical fitness. All classes start with a technical warm-up followed by across the floor combinations, progressions and a fun, challenging choreography combination.

Studio Classes: Ages 5+

Jazz: Jazz classes have an upbeat and fun filled atmosphere focused on learning and improving technique, strength, and flexibility to enhance jumps, turns, and stage performance within the choreography.

Tap: Tap is one of the most unique dance forms because it allows you to dance and create music at the same time. Tap class teaches students to create intricate rhythms through foot articulation. This class requires a pair of tap shoes.

Ballet: Classical movement and music are combined with discipline in the study of ballet. Ballet is an established technique with an anatomical and graceful approach to movement. This class will improve muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. Ballet is the basis for all dance disciplines.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop is a unique form of dance using isolations, popping, footwork, and freestyled movement. These upbeat high tempo classes aim to develop not only technique but self-confidence, stage performance, and personality!

Lyrical: Lyrical is a combination of Ballet and Jazz technique that encourages dancers to be versatile in their expressions. Dancers will be able to portray a wide array of movement styles and emotions inspired by the lyrics of songs. This style of dance is a great outlet for self-expression.

Adult Class Offerings

Cardio Choreography: Ages 18+ Cardio choreography is a workout for mind and body! After a proper warm up you will learn a high energy choreography combination designed to get your heart rate up while improving your muscle memory through repetition. This class is designed to be a fun and challenging release of endorphins!

Ballet Bootcamp: Ages 18+ This class utilizes ballet technique to promote both strength and flexibility. This full body workout will leave you walking out of the studio feeling long, lean, and sculpted like a ballerina!

Adult Tap: Ages 18+ Whether you are just taking your first steps in your tap shoes, picking up a former passion, or wishing to advance your tap repertoire this class is for you!

Adult HipHop: Ages 18+ Hip Hop class is a unique form of dance using isolations, popping, and freestyled movement. This class is great for all levels and focuses on learning hip-hop techniques and putting them together in choreographed combinations.

Fundamentals: This is the best class for those new to yoga and anyone interested in reviewing the essential elements of a yoga practice. In a comfortable environment, this class will introduce the fundamentals of a yoga practice, including breath, proper alignment, and practices to create deeper awareness on and off the mat. This class is useful for those trying to work around injuries. This class does not have a flow-based component.

Vinyasa Flow I: This class is a great place to start if you’re newer to yoga or unsure of what the poses look or feel like in good alignment. The teacher will guide you through a basic sequence of poses linked by the breath. Some basic physical conditioning is required yet the class will move at a slower pace for those not familiar with names of poses. The teacher will help each student safely develop a foundation of core strength, stamina, and confidence necessary for any level class.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga I/II: This is an open formatted class where the teacher will match the class to the needs of the students present. Focus will be on strengthening, lengthening, and stretching through a creative series of postures that tie breath to movement. Some yoga experience is recommended, though the instructor will give options in terms of how to approach the various positions practiced. A moderate level of physical conditioning is required.

Vinyasa Flow II: An intermediate class for those more experienced practitioners who would like to master the fundamentals. Utilizing the vinyasa form (flowing from one posture into the next, motivated by the breath). Poses can be held longer or moved into and out of more quickly. Inverted poses, arm balances and more advanced back bends will likely be explored. Students are expected to know the basic poses and all poses can be modified for all levels. Classes will also include some pranayama and meditation.

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CPAC Dance Co. Director Jessica Gaines

B.S. Dance Performance

Jessica was born and raised In Chicago where she began dancing at the age of three. She has performed and competed across the Midwest and West Coast. Jessica fell in love with inspiring dancers through quality training and leading by example. Her choreography has been nationally recognized for its story-telling and high-performance quality.